We are a team of internationally experienced consultants and facilitators. Depending on the size of the project we are supported by various subject matter experts. Depending on the task at hand we assemble the best team for the project.

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Sebastian Hillebrand (Dipl. Wi.-Ing.)

Sebastian is an experienced business consultant and facilitator for large scale workshops with more than 10 years of consulting experience.

He has supported clients in their transformation efforts all over the world in the private and public sector.

He specializes in workshops with 20-80 participants with topics ranging from strategy development to implementation issues in various industries.

Günther Illert

During his 25 years of professional experience, Günther has conducted well over 100 transformation projects. As a strategy consultant, he knows what it takes to deliver change and success in business.

His warm and empathetic leadership style creates high levels of energy and encourages teams to test innovative approaches.

Many of his clients are in the Life Sciences industry.

Astrid Kuchenbecker
(Dipl. Komm.Wirtin, M.A. (Personalentwicklung))

Astrid is an experienced consultant in the field of human resources development as well as organisational development. She has worked for various clients with strong experience in the automotive industry. As a project lead and executive coach she led various change projects. Astrid's main strength is her empathy and understanding of people and situations.

Kai Müller (Dipl. Biol., Coach)

Kai supports innovative companies in the life science industry. His work is both on the strategic as well as on an operational level. As a molecular biologist has worked in science as well as in companies like Hoechst, NEN, PerkinElmer and Packard. Kai is a true practitioner and knows the requirements in the life sciences industry from scratch. Since 2005 he has acted as a management consultant and a trained coach for different life sciences companies. Kai’s engagements range from outsourcing projects to interim management positions and sales coaching