Complexity and time pressure require a special method of resolution: DEEP COLLABORATION

Market conditions and competition are changing ever more quickly. Companies have to find solutions to complex issues faster and adjust their processes accordingly.

A lot of these issues can’t be solved by a small project team alone as they require the knowledge, alignment and buy-in of various departments, subsidiaries or other stakeholder groups.

Our methodology utilises existing expert knowledge from within the company rather than external consultants

Companies often hire external consultants to create solutions for complex problems. These results then have to be implemented by their internal staff.

In practice however, this approach often leads to an additional strain on the staff, unrealistic solutions and a lack of acceptance of the results.

DEEP COLLABORATION on the other hand utilises existing knowledge and experience of the staff and actively involves all important stakeholders in the solution process right from the beginning. External experts are only involved where they can add real value. The results are generated inside the organization and therefore actively supported be its employees.

We facilitate collaboration to create tangible results that can be implemented right away

An important part of DEEP COLLABORATION are thoroughly planned, results-focused large scale workshops.

During a 3-6 week preparation phase we work together with a small client team in order to agree the objectives, the scope of our work and the required output. After that we identify all relevant key questions, experts and inputs. Finally we design the ideal flow of the event.

A Deep Collaboration workshop typically takes 2-3 days with 20-80 participants following a structured process in a purpose-built, creative environment. We organise and facilitate it and document the results.

This way we enable our clients to create and agree results within days that would otherwise have taken them several months.