High quality results, faster

During our collaborative workshops participants go through a highly structured, results-focused process, solely concentrating on solution finding.

All relevant stakeholders, experts and decision makers are actively involved and agree solutions there and then. The results are available right after a workshop and can be implemented without delay.

Similar results can otherwise only be reached with far more effort, strain on the staff and after a significantly longer time.

Greater ownership of results

Solutions created by a third party often lead to resistance within the organisation. Members of the staff first have to get convinced using a time-consuming process – without a guarantee for success.

Using our approach the results are jointly created, refined and agreed by the affected people, experts and decision makers. They don’t need to get convinced but can immediately act as ambassadors, taking their results into the organization.

Less money spent on external consultants

Staff and internal experts usually know their organisation, its processes and weaknesses much better than external consultants who must often spend weeks understanding the context.

Using our approach we make best use of an organization’s existing internal knowledge – external consultants and subject matter experts are only involved when they can add real value.